Perfect Grade Strike Freedom – Completed :)

This has got to be the Gundam that took me the longest time to complete! It is my first Perfect Grade Gundam and I got it solely because it looks really cool! (Im a sucker for powerful & cool looking gundams)

Since im still pretty lousy at gunpla building, I did not try to do anything fanciful on this kit less the change of color for some parts of the kit (yea the blue are all purple now) and also some metallic red on supposed red parts (i directly took the idea from some of the great works by other gunpla modellers online ^^) and also random decals on the kit too!

here are some of the pictures i took.

Taking a shot of this kit. Is. Tough!!! It is pretty big in person (say around half a metre?) I had to source for a really gigantic black wallpaper for the backdrop in order to take this photo. All in all, i enjoyed building this and it is a good experience (okae..maybe not so much of a good one. Now i need a break from gunpla)

Please do click on the image itself to see it full size (as i did not set full resolution for the images posted >.<)


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