prince of tennis tcg – the last card

really cool card (saw it on YAJ - starting bid 10000yen >.< )

this is the last card (i guess it is cos its like an anniversary card) from prince of tennis tcg made by konami =) the illustrations used are manga style (just like d.gray-man tcg) i used to like prince of tennis alotalot when i was younger (few years back) …was too late when i found out that there is actually a tcg for prince of tennis so had to give it a pass…the tcg set ended around 2 years ago (a total of 20 booster sets plus countless SP booster sets, decks etcetc) but the trading card, shining clear card and bromide (thanks to the anime/ova/movie ) are still out on a irregular basis…now that the NEW PRINCE OF TENNIS MANGA is out and serialised again …i guess its only a matter of time before the new anime kicks in….POT FTW =)


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